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DJ Setup

Hardware and Software


Categorising Music

  • Separate DJ Music from your other music by moving it into a new location, ie DJ Music. Within that create a folder XXXX Added where XXXX is the year purchased, to separate music by time purchased. This is helpful when playing more recent music more often.
  • Traktor can READ (not write) the iTunes Library XML file. Traktor ratings and metadata changes do not cross over into iTunes. This file can be provided by any application:
    • Changes made in Traktor do not carry over into the library provider.
    • iTunes is suitable, with limitations:
      • iTunes ratings and metadata changes do not cross over into Traktor.
      • iTunes cannot create smart playlists based on path information, unless Sundry Info to Comments is used.
        These changes do not save into the file metadata.
    • iTunes is not available on macOS Mojave.
  • Beatport Pro is unsuitable:
    • Can not create Smart Playlists based on Paths (no workaround).
    • Syncing songs to be Beatport is done on a per song selection basis, unsuitable for bulk syncing.
    • Syncing does not update Year of release, so can't add Smart Playlists based on that.
    • Repopulating the library removes the files from dated Downloads Playlists.
    • This makes it unsuitable.
  • Swansian is unsuitable:
    • Swansian has no native export.
    • Swinsian2itlxm, which exports to iTunes Library XML does not export smart playlists (such as files with a path containing 2019 Added) (no plans)