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To prevent rethreading the same research paths, I'm documenting my bookmark journey.

I'm currently using Firefox across my devices and using it's inbuilt bookmark system.

Acceptance criteria


I've added the following addons:

  1. Archivor - Sends all bookmarks to the internet archive so I can retrieve them if they get lost. This replaces many paid services.
  2. Bookmark Dupes - Easily remove duplicate bookmarks, for example after importing from another service, or after adding the bookmark multiple times. It is very fast as it seems to compare via hashing. I disable the addon after running.
  3. Bookmark Organiser - Correct redirections and remove broken bookmarks. Because of redirections it makes sense to run this one before Bookmark Dupes, but it is a lot slower as it visits every bookmark. I disable the addon after running.

Feedback welcome!