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Filtering Block based content

WordPress Knowledge

Name Type Usage parse_blocks( string $content ) Function if you want to take a bunch of block attributes and store them in meta on save / generate stuff.More info pre_render_block Filter hook More info render_block Filter hook More...

WP-CLI create post with custom tax

WordPress Examples

wp mycpt create --tags='test1,test2' $tags = null; if ( isset( $assoc_args['tags'] ) ) { $tags = wp_parse_list( $assoc_args['tags'] ); unset( $assoc_args['tags'] ); } ... $command = "post create --porcelain " . assoc_args_to_str( $assoc_args ); $...

Persistent RAMDisk


Works on macOS Big Sur. Reference Persistence There is a non-deprecated way to do it: Open the Script Editor app. Paste do shell script "~/.login" on quit do shell script "~/.logout" continue quit end quit File > Save, Select Application a...

Push.Default Strategies


I was accidentally updating other branches when pushing my feature branch, and didn't realise why. Ever pushed to the wrong branch by mistake? what happens when you git push? Is your expectation that your local branch is pushed to the remote? This might not be...

Firefox Tweaks


Performance // speed up them sites network.dns.disablePrefetchFromHTTPS = false network.predictor.enable-prefetch = true network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-server = 12 Usability // Restore system print preview print.tab_modal.enabled = false Securit...

Auto linking project toolchains

WordPress Knowledge

If you use direnv you can automatically setup your project toolchain requirements. In the case of WordPress projects this typically includes composer, PHP, node, npm. Simply add the required php and composer version to the project's .envrc file: #example proje...

Smart audio output switching


Use a wrapper around DWeller's amazing switchaudiosource, to use partial matching to switch to an audio source by typing part of it's name: out Speak switches to Macbook Pro Speakers. I use the following script #!/usr/bin/env bash # Usage: ./out Speak if [ "$#...

Common questions


Why would you use onready var versus regular var? var is assigned when the script instance is created, if this is a node then it might not be added to the tree yet, so you can't use get_parent and similar on it. onready var is a shortcut for assigning vars ...